Week 3, Phase I: San Francisco Half Marathon

Monday – 3 miles, Lake Merritt, Pace: 9:39 min/mile

I am beginning to appreciate the Lake and the easy access I have to it from my house. The wind proved to be annoying, yet again.

Tuesday – 5 miles, Lululemon Run Club, Pace: 9:28 min/mile

The group changed the route to start from the store and head towards Lafayette Moraga trail. This was a nice smooth route that I enjoyed, as we got further away from the traffic. I decided to push at a steady pace and was happy with the result. I even got a waterbottle for running my 50th mile with the run club! 100 mile tech shirt here I come!

Wednesday – 4 miles, Presidio, Pace: 9:47 min/mile

After my interview, I changed into my running clothes that I had brought, set my garmin and headed towards the bridge. The temperature was comfortable and the wind was a bit much, but you cannot really avoid it down by the water. Atleast I didn’t have it bothering me on my return. I stopped along the way a few times to get some classic pictures and just enjoyed the run.

Thursday – Workout B and Core

I headed out for an early morning workout to the gym. I had dropped the ball a few mornings and wanted to get back on track. I settled for workout B and proceeded with lunges, deadlifts, shoulder presses, and lat pulldown along with my usual core routine.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 8 miles, Sawyer Camp, Pace: 10:15 min/mile

I was so excited to have my Saturday mornings back. I think I said that last week, but I didn’t get to do my usual traveling as they stayed local at the Bay Farm Island Trail. I was hoping for a good drive over to Sawyer camp and although it was overcast, it was perfect running weather. What I love about Sawyer Camp is that it is predominantly shaded and wind protected. The winding trail also allows miles to pass quickly. I also enjoyed a trip to Starbucks after since I did have a considerable drive home.

Sunday – Workout A and Core

I got to up my weight amount and found the workout to be challenging – squats, push-ups, lat rows, step ups, and jackknifes. I squatted more weight and boy did I feel it on the last one. I also am enjoying the step-ups having never incorporated them into my routine before. I find the push-ups to be the nemesis of my existence right now, but I am determined to master them!

Total miles: 20 

Runs: 4

Strength Training: 2x

Overall: I increased my distance this week, naturally on the weekend, but also added to them incrementally during the week. Since this is my last week at Phase I, I can smell the interval training that will begin next week. I decided to push the pace and try for a good steady run to introduce the body to another quality run. Phase II has three quality runs and going from 1 to 3 may be a bit much. My troublesome calf was a bit tight and caused the arch some pain, but I am realizing that it is because of improper post- run stretching that’s causing it. I will get my strength training back to 3 this week.

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4 Responses to Week 3, Phase I: San Francisco Half Marathon

  1. Elise says:

    I love that you’re already training for the SF HM! I am doing Nike Women’s Half in SF this October too!!! Its going to be a blasty! (Especially b/c I’m not doing the full this year :))!

    Way to go on the running/training — I’m impressed! And I’m glad you’re in the Bay Area too!

    • I am glad you are doing the Nike Half! I am not a big fan of the full – I would have rather ended it when exiting the park then be jaded by the Great Highway and Lake Merced – enough said there.

  2. You are making me feel guilty. I called today day 1 of SF training and i ran five miles. barely. slow. and awkwardly. time to whip my butt into shape! you are inspiring me! 🙂

    • In all honesty, I wish I wasn’t at the point where I needed three+ weeks to get back to 8 miles, but I know what happens when I push too much! You just finished a marathon which is a little different than my situation. The only marathon I’ve done is Law and Order, SVU.

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