One of those runs

…that make you tic.

Ok, a little dramatic. But the weather added to the drama. (Maybe.)
I had a potluck to go to on the other side of the tunnel. So I figured that I’d head over early and run the Lafayette Reservoir. It was a brilliant plan, until it started raining. I wasn’t really feeling a rainy run, but I had to only do 3 miles so I figured it wouldn’t be that bad.

I also figured both calves would cooperate. Is that too much to ask? My legs felt heavy and made me feel like I was Grandma shuffling for 3 miles. For every hill that approached around this reservoir (more than I remember last time), my calves hated me more!

Once I take my psychology final this Saturday, I am activating my yoga group-on/living social deals and stretching these calves out in some yoga!! No bueno.

I did not enjoy this run, but I guess not every run can feel like magic right?

I’ll blame the dreary weather.

 I’ll consider it a hill workout? Sigh. Atleast I ate my share of food at the potluck!

Lafayette Reservoir 3 miles/ 10:15 pace.

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3 Responses to One of those runs

  1. the weather blew today. I have so much trouble being motivated. so cold.

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