Weight Routines

Having an iPhone makes it easier, and less creepier to take pictures while at the gym. When I started weight lifting, I wish I took a picture of what I actually started lifting at.

In the beginning of the school year when I’d work out before school, I’d get ready at the gym and head to school after where I’d have some sort of breakfast. This made me really anxious in the morning because if I forgot something (like my lunch – happened a lot) or even an article of clothing (thank God that never happened), I’d be cutting it close to come home and get it.

I’ve pretty much nailed down my process for doing a morning lifting session.

Wake-up at 5:15am

5:30 – 5:40 Drive to gym. I live about 8 minutes away door to door.

5:40-6:30 Proceed with approximately 45 minute work-out and stretching.

Here are an eclectic mix of creepy gym photos. They are not the only exercises I do, nor the order. I just included the ones on my phone that I find myself doing often.

I was really proud of squatting 50 lbs. I know I can do more weight. I will switch over to the machine because it is really hard to gracefully release 50 lbs over my head. But I felt awesome after that.

Some step-ups with 17.5lb dumbbells in each hand. I just got into step-ups and then one legged squats using the step.

I started doing Jackknifes (Planks with shins/ankles on the ball and hands on the ground. Then you proceed to pull the ball closer to you so your butt is in the air) – total core workout! I also do swiss ball crunches and push-ups using the medicine ball.

I’ve actually handed over writing my own workouts for a bit to try out New Rules of Lifting for Women, which uses more functional approaches to weight lifting.

I mentioned Stage one – Workouts A and B in my weekly training reports. They change (adding weight, decreasing reps) every couple of times.

Workout A

Squats 15×2 – 50 lbs.     Push-ups 15×2       Lat Rows 15x 2 – 60 lbs.

Step-ups 15×2 (each leg) – 17.5 lbs       Jackknives on the medicine ball – 10×2

Workout B

Deadlifts 15×2 – 45 lbs.      Shoulder Press 15×2 – 17.5lbs      Lat Pull Down – 15×2 – 60lbs

Lunges 15×2 – 15 lbs            Swiss Ball crunch  – 15×2

My Own Core Routine (30 second intervals)

  • Bridge
  • Bridge Left leg up
  • Bridge Right leg up
  • Plank
  • Incline Plank
  • L side plank
  • R side plank
  • Plank
  • L side leg lifts x3
  • L inner leg lifts and pulsing
  • L clams
  • L bicycles
  • L side plank
  • R  side leg lifts x3
  • R inner leg lifts and pulsing
  • R clams
  • R bicycles
  • R side plank
  • Random Abdominal moves to wrap up core

This usually runs for about 14 – 18 minutes depending on the added ab work I add to the end.  

Workout A and B alternate, but the Core is every strength training day. I aim for 3x a week with this program.

6:55-7:40. I leave the gym after showering, getting ready for school, arriving home and enjoying breakfast and coffee.

I love my coffee.

Help: So what new abdominal moves should I add to the “Random” space I’ve allotted during my core? Any favorites?

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5 Responses to Weight Routines

  1. 5:15? ouch you’re so much better than me, I can’t wake up before 6. And even then, that’s pushing it lol! Um… all I know is crunches. I’m no help.

  2. This is awesome! Looks like you’ve got a great routine going. We have dedicated one of our rooms in our new house to a little “gym” so I’ve been trying to get back to strength training in there. I did a full body workout last week and could barely WALK for 4 days afterwards – I think I over did it!! Then I just did a quick arm workout on Monday morning. I’m aiming for 2-3 times per week with strength training and then I also go to hot yoga 1-2 times per week which is good strength and core.

    I followed the new rules of lifting for women plan a year or so ago and really liked it. I might have to try it again – I remember it making me REALLY sore also!

  3. bobbi says:

    Just posted some yesterday!

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