In need of journaling 101

There are many thoughts that bombard my mind in any given day – let alone a school day. I find it easy to get caught up on everything. As a result, some days my mind has a difficult time settling and concentrating. Thankfully, I’ve had this blog to focus in and reflect on certain aspects of my life. However, there are many things that I usually do not write about, either because they are menial, trivial or day to day to-do’s. I usually vent on a gchat with my mom instead about all the things that I feel I need to get done.

See, I’ve never kept a daily journal, but I do know how liberating it feels when I do put pen to paper in some troubling/confusing times that I’ve found myself in over the past few years. I have sometimes sat down in the past and wrote.

As I begin to contemplate starting a journal of my own, I am at a lost for where to start.  For example, I used to keep a gratitude journal and a quotes journal. I foresee this journal as a transition journal – one in which I do not get caught up on those to-do’s, but also a place where I can compartmentalize those trivial tasks that seem to take on a life of their own in my mind.

So I seek your help.

Do you journal? What do you like to journal about? Do you follow a routine when you journal or do you just free-write? 

In other news, I’ve felt under the weather so I took three days off from working out. I feared pushing it with my test ahead and my body is feeling tremendously better. Always listen to your body!

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2 Responses to In need of journaling 101

  1. I’d love to e-mail more about the journal topic. I’ve journaled in some form for most of my life and have many many journals. right now my brain is FRIED but I just wanted to let you know that I Read this and would be happy to e-mail more once I’m less exhausted. 🙂 Good for you for listening to your body!

  2. I keep a journal – its a mix of thoughts, notes from church, prayers etc…but I just write when I feel like it so it’s not pressure!

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