I am away from the computer right now.

I wish blogs had an away message, like old school AIM.

What a busy weekend! Psychology final, Prom Chaperoning, Grading, Volunteering, Reading, Pedicuring…all took me away from my computer all weekend long until now. It was all wonderful and relaxing. I’ll be sure to write a more elaborate post later this evening.

As I said on Friday, I’ve been congested since Wednesday. It started as a sore throat, then sinus, then lungs. I think it worked its way through, but it did make a dent in my exercise routine. It derailed my runs for the weekend, but I’ll be fine.

How was your weekend? 

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2 Responses to I am away from the computer right now.

  1. Ugh the sore throat thing is definitely making it’s way around, I had it but it came and left in 24 hours thank goodness! Smart to let your body rest from running! I love that you drove acrosst the country too, you can only understand if you have done it! Feel better!

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