Treat Yourself

On Saturday, I officially finished half of the classes I need to take to go back to graduate school. Taking an online class is no joke and it required so much dedication each Sunday to complete the assignments to make sure I had enough time to take the final before the class “expired”. A few weeks ago I had finished my other class that was in person. 2 down. 2 to go! I’ve been waiting for this milestone since January.

When I was done with the final, I had a fun weekend lined up that had nothing to do with school work or my own classwork. I gave myself the weekend off.

A new book (The Art of Racing in the Rain), a run, volunteering at a 5k, and a pedicure 🙂

Prom chaperoning! Another wonderful excuse to dress up and get a cocktail.

 I want to thank everyone who stuck with me during the last few months. When I made the decision to go back to school, I knew that it would require a lot of sacrifices on my part, but it also required a lot on the part of those who interact with me on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience. The last couple months have been quite a balancing act and an adventure for sure.

How do you treat yourself?

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One Response to Treat Yourself

  1. Glad to see you treated yourself – you obviously deserved it!

    I really like to take “ME” days. Sleeping in, a run or yoga class, coffee and a good book, maybe a little shopping. Just hanging out with myself. I did that on my birthday last year and it was fabulous 🙂

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