Week 4, Phase 1: San Francisco Half Marathon

Monday – 3 miles, Lafayette Reservoir, 10:15 min/mile

This run was hilly, raining, and not going to lie – difficult. I was hoping for an easy run, but was greeted with my calf issues.

Tuesday – Workout B and 5 miles, Lululemon Running Group, 9:29 min/mile

I got up for an AM lifting session in which I conquered the 50 lb squat. I was so excited for that. I am also excited to see what a few months of consistent push-ups can do for me 🙂

After Monday’s run, I was surprised to see that my legs had some 9 minute miles in there as we conquered the same route that we went on last week – starting at the Lululemon store and heading north to the Lafayette Moraga trail. The first 2.5 are a gradual uphill, while the 2.5 are gradual downhill. This run felt great and natural as I chatted with Aron for the second half of it.

Now for the sad part… Wednesday I woke up sick with a sore throat. It continued into Thursday – Sunday, posing as a sore throat and congestion. I had planned out two rest days (Wed and Sun), but was disappointed when Thurs. – Saturday were flops. I needed to listen to my body and I knew that there was a lot of stress I put on myself to finish strong with my psychology final. The last thing I wanted was to get even sicker.

I was a little nervous for taking so many days off because I was finishing up Phase I of Daniel’s plan. My nerves were calmed when I went out to run 5 miles yesterday and 5 miles today holding a 9:45 min/mile for each.

Am I the only one who battles the case of the crazies when taking so many days off because of being sick??

…On to Phase II!

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