Week 5: San Francisco Half Marathon

Monday – 5 miles, Lafayette Moraga Trail , 9:44 min/mile, Workout A and core

This was the first time in awhile that I had woken up before work on a Monday to lift. Usually, I cut myself a break on Monday since falling asleep Sunday night after the weekend can be difficult. But wow, what a difference when you start the week off with a workout!

After work, I met my friend and we drove to the Lafayette Moraga trail for a 5 mile run. The weather was beautiful and I got to sport my new Headsweats hat that I received for volunteering with the Walk it 5k last Sunday! The first two miles were taken at a tempo pace (for me anyway 🙂 and the last two were more cool-down. Although I am struggling during the time being, I enjoy running with those who pull me along especially when I am supposed to pick up the pace.

Tuesday – 5 miles, Lululemon Run Club, 9:45 min/mile

We went back to our Iron Horse Trail route and I decided to do the 5 mile route today. I took the first 3 miles at a 9:15 min/mile pace and then did the last 2 hovering around a 10:15 min/mile to cool down. Since this group definitely challenges my pace, I am thinking of scheduling these runs at a tempo pace to see what I can do.

Wednesday – Workout B and core

We were bringing the students on an overnight field trip, so I decided to do a lifting workout in the morning before heading to work. It was nice and relaxing to get up and moving since I knew that I would not be heading into work, but to a fieldtrip instead.

Thursday and Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 10 miles, Iron Horse Trail, 10:30 min/mile

I was excited to lead one of my running groups runs since the girl who usually runs it could not be there. I was at 10 miles this weekend and the group was tapering at 10 miles also for See Jane Run next weekend. I chatted with them for a little bit, but realized soon on that there were pacing a bit faster than what I could do for 10 miles. They are going to do great next weekend and it was fun to chat to those who are training for their first half marathon!

So exciting. I am hoping to step up and help with some weekend runs with my running group in the late summer when things settle down and they begin training for the Inaugural Walnut Creek Running Festival!

Sunday – 3 mile, Stinson Beach, 10:00 min/mile, Core

I went to Stinson beach after showering from my long run and stayed the night. Early Sunday morning, I woke up and was so excited to run on the beach. I took my stop watch with me and paced out 15 minutes and turned around. I had my yoga mat in the car and brought that out on the beach to do my core routine on the beach! I ended the workout with some yoga stretches. It was such a relaxing morning for sure.

Total Mileage: 23

Strength Training/Core: 3x

Week 6 Preview:

  • Q1: 10-20 min warm-up, 2 x (6 x 400), 10 min cool down.
  • Q2: 5 miles @ mid-tempo pace
  • Q3: 13 miles @ HMP + 30 sec/mile
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5 Responses to Week 5: San Francisco Half Marathon

  1. Alyssa says:

    You are doing great! What a solid week.

    By the way, Sandra, Naomi, Layla, (maybe Ron) & I are going to do a Golden Gate Park run followed by ramen noodle soup for lunch on July 3rd. It’s just gunna be a few miles and it’ll be very casual (think 10 minute miles). Care to join!!??

  2. Dude. I love your blog and reading this. It reminds me how much I suck… I mean, how much I really need to get on it. 🙂 Realized that SF is two months from yesterday and (until today) I hadn’t run more than 10 in a month… ran 11 today and kind of wanted to die the whole time. Can’t win em all…

    Your running club sounds so awesome! I wished I lived in the east bay sometimes. I haven’t found many clubs in actual SF besides the HHH and the SF road runners club which is really intense and costs a lot of $$. So I’m still looking…

    • My running club runs on Saturdays in San Francisco. I’ll give you details if you are interested when we have our book club!! When I first moved out here, I had a difficult time looking too. Many were expensive and pretty intimidating.

      I know plenty of runners who are just in their beginning weeks of training. I just know what happens when I DON’T train correctly and I want to do this right. You are coming off of a marathon…and I see you are doing this marathon! I cannot wait. My friend is trying to get together a SF Marathon meet-up so I’ll keep you in the loop. Actually, she is hosting a running meet-up on June 26th in the inner east bay. I’ll pass on your email!

  3. Elise says:

    nice running week! are you running the 1st half marathon or 2nd half marathon for SF? I’m contemplating signing up, depending on how my knee feels after I try running after two weeks off. And I’m jealous of your running club! How did you find one?!

    • I am running 2nd half. What happened to your knee? I found this running club through meet-up when I first moved out here two years ago. With school and classes, it has been difficult to meet on weekends with them but they always accept me back when I do show up 🙂 Oh! Just what I said to Courtney above, I’m going to pass on your email (if you don’t mind) to a local blogger who is holding a running meet-up – totally social and fun to meet other runners/bloggers in the area!

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