There is no “some”day

“There is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…but there is no Someday.” 

With all that has occurred over the past few months, that line totally hit home as I sat in my first apprentice personal training certification class this afternoon. When I decided that Personal Training and Physical Therapy (the PTs) are what I wanted to do, I can tell you that it was (and still) is very daunting to think about.

As I charged through the past few months, it was clear to all that I was on a mission.

There is no someday.

I believe all can relate to the moment when you realize that change needs to occur in your life. You find yourself stuck in something that is keeping you from embracing some (or more than some) aspects of your life. Although we acknowledge that there needs to be change, it takes a lot on our part to bring ourself to do it.

So we first have to imagine ourselves transformed. What does this look like in my life?

For me, that was realizing that this little combination of personal training and physical therapy actually existed. Then, it was casually mentioning it to a few close friends and family. I think they noticed it before I did that I had found the “it”. I couldn’t and still can’t stop talking about it.

And while this was all happening…

There is no someday.

Who was going to make this move? As I searched all the corners I could cut to get there, I realized that it was a hard road that I was about to embark upon. Was it worth it? Should I still teach instead? What do you mean I need classes? FOUR classes? Ahh crap, GREs? Observation hours..where??

Suddenly I was up against a wall that seemed unsurmountable.

Somehow, the same motivation that allowed me to place key to ignition every single day that I did not want to teach pushed me to make those changes that I deemed necessary.

I’m stubborn. And nothing will keep me from reaching my goals.

In January, I began two classes while still teaching full-time and in May, both classes were accounted for. I told my school I was no longer teaching in April and I told my students that I was not returning just this past Wednesday. School ends in two weeks and I begin my new job as a Physical Therapy Aide the following week.

I registered for the remaining two classes – one began last Wednesday. The other I will complete online.

I began my personal training certification class today and instantly knew this was it. I had signed up in this Apprenticeship Personal Training Certification class that allows the hands on approach to learning personal fitness training. By August, I will be certified.

And the best part? It is down the street from my new job.

Who knew that my job and a program I registered for a few months ago would be next to each other 30 minutes away? When I was disappointed with not getting the other job in San Francisco, who knew that this was waiting for me.

God has His hands all over that one. And He still does. 

Six months later and I am looking out among all the possibilities that have entered my life.

All because there is no someday.

“Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve avoided having a clear ambition is that the second you stand up and point toward a horizon, you realize how much there is to lose.” – Donald Miller

Is there anything in your life you needed to change? Is there anything you needed to take a chance on? That seemed unsurmountable? What was your “there is no someday” moment?



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2 Responses to There is no “some”day

  1. d.a.r. says:

    This is an amazing post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aron says:

    Amazing post girl – so proud of you for taking control of your future! Everything is coming together just perfectly for you and I can’t wait to watch it continue to!

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