Week 6: San Francisco Half Marathon

I am really proud of this training week. I actually felt “with it” and was able to execute each workout I had planned. Although my long run pace was a off from what I wanted, I understood that it had been a year since I’ve ran 13 and a year since I did See Jane Run.

Monday – Intervals 2 x [6×400]

It has been a year since I have done any speed work. I knew that the tracks would be closed since it was a holiday so I utilized the late opening at the gym and made my way over around 8, allowing sleeping in time! I marked my spot on a treadmill and set off to complete the intervals I had planned. I forgot how much I have a love/hate relationship with 400ms. The first few take awhile to get in a grove, the middle are when I hit my peak, and the last few are fueled by motivation to finish. There are many things I do not love about treadmills – one is the fact that I always hit the stop button! My stats are lost since I hit it not once, not twice, but three times which erased any calculations I was trying to salvage! But I do know that I hit my marks, even if they were a little slacked (hey, it’s been awhile!)

Tuesday – 3 miles Recovery, Lululemon, 9:45 min/mile

The rain held off momentarily in the evening just enough time for a nice 3 miler out and back. I chatted it up with my Lululemon running buddy, Sima. My legs were tight from the intervals the day before, but it was nice to get out there.

Wednesday – Workout A and core

I planned on a morning lift and got my butt out of bed after that 4 day weekend to whip myself back into it. I had a snoozefest on Tuesday so I tried to redeem it by working out in the morning. I was glad, because in the evening was my first Cell Biology class and I did not have enough time for a run.

Thursday – 5 mile, mid-tempo, 9:17 min/mile

I woke up and dragged my butt to the gym early morning. I have never woken up that early for a treadmill tempo so my body was in for a treat. In a weird distorted sense, I liked it. It was nice to punch in the time, cover, and go. Because of time constraints, that was my only option for the day so it was another guiding force that got me out of bed that am.

Friday – Workout B and Core

This is the morning wake-up that I am MOST proud of. A Friday morning wake-up. Everything in my mind wanted to sleep in, but knowing I went to bed at a decent time and had everything ready to go got me out of bed. I just wanted to get the day going!

Saturday – 6 miles, Lafayette Moraga Trail, 10:11 min/mile

I met Aron for a morning run and meeting at 8 allowed both of us some much needed sleeping in! We chatted non-stop and enjoyed the rainy weather before it became monsoon-like mid-afternoon. We both had 13 on tap for the next day so it was nice to just enjoy the easy morning run!

(Thanks for the photo, Aron!)

Sunday – 13 miles, Iron Horse Trail, 10:35 min/mile

So, my training plan went from a 10 miler to a 13 miler. In fact, there are some more 13, 14 and 15 milers with 7 weeks left of training. As a result, I didn’t want to put so much stress on this 13 miles since this was my first time in a year that I’ve gotten to this mileage. I used it as an opportunity to gauge where I am at and what I need to focus on. Although the pace was not where I wanted it to be, I think the run was more getting over the mental hurdle more than anything. We all know that the mental can translate to physical so until mile 5 did I actually convince myself that I could do the remaining 8. Either way – first 13 miler done!

Total Miles: 34

Strength Training/Core: 2x

Week 7 Preview:

  • Q1: 3 x [2 x 1200]
  • Q2: 6 mile @ mid-tempo
  • Q3: 10 @ HMP + 20 sec/mile
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One Response to Week 6: San Francisco Half Marathon

  1. Beth says:

    Congrats on the 13 miler; looks like a great week of training! I love 400m intervals, but they’re always daunting at the beginning because it seems like there are so many of them! Ultimately I find it easier to push through the 400m though then through lots of longer intervals. Good luck with your training!

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