Top 6 Ways I’ve Injured Myself (running, that is)

I had written a Letter to Pre-Marathon me a few months ago, but I thought I’d write another letter to myself of all the ways I’ve approached (or allowed) injuries to happen.

1. Improper running shoes.

When I first starting running, I did not realize that besides the shoes size, there were other ways that shoes were fitted. During training for San Jose in 2009, I changed shoes and realized I needed stability shoes. Throughout the past two years, I’ve tried different running shoes, but am really loving my new Brooks Adrenaline. Even if we suspect that an injury is coming from another source, I always start by thinking about my shoes lifespan.

2. Too much.

A classic new running mistake. Or classic recovering from injury mistake. Or I’d say, a common mistake all together. The first time I was taken out of the game a year ago, I only took a few weeks off then tried bouncing right back only to find myself injured again.

So I thought I got smarter and started slow again, then jumped from a 3 to a 7 on effort and found myself sidelined again. When training for San Francisco, I FINALLY wised up and incorporated a injury prevention phase that allowed my body to understand what was happening. I strongly advocate doing the same if you are finding yourself in a similar position.

3. Too little.

It is common to see the “let me sign up last minute” for a race and then go all out. As much as that is spontaneous and fun, being realistic is also important. Why take yourself out of training for your upcoming race if you weren’t even looking at this other one to begin with? If you use another half marathon as a training run for a future half marathon, then that’s fine and such a useful training technique. However, speaking from experience, if you aren’t ready to run that distance, be cautious.

We also get race fever. We find ourselves looking for rebound races. Maybe your race did not go well and you want to redeem yourself (Been there. Done that. Then didn’t do much after that.) Or the opposite, you want to go out and do it all again. Your body needs time.

4. Compensations

You are riding the healthy wave – no injuries, just chugging along. Slow compensations built up where other smaller muscles are doing more work then they should and muscles become imbalanced.

So maybe starting squats and lunges the week before a race is not where you want to start, but attempt to incorporate a small routine as “preventive measures.” A little goes a long way.

5. Stretching

Who is guilty of the run and then drive home routine? I know I am. Or the I’ll stretch and chat a little so I know I “stretched” then get in the car. I am guilty of that too.

6. Diet

Ha. How does this one injure you? Well, improper refueling leads to your muscles not completely repaired for the next go-around. Make a protein smoothie when you get home from lifting, thanks.

Any different ways to add??

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2 Responses to Top 6 Ways I’ve Injured Myself (running, that is)

  1. Beth says:

    I think I’m guilty of at least 2-5! I finally started going to yoga regularly because I knew I couldn’t commit to stretching myself regularly. Weird how I have time for a 90min yoga class but won’t make then 10min after a run to stretch…

  2. Andrew Chow says:

    Running into things

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