Week 7: San Francisco Half Marathon

Monday – Rest

I came off a full workout week and was planning on using Monday as my rest day. If I could have foreseen such a busy week ahead, I would have not made this a rest day. Sigh.

Tuesday – 6.0 mile tempo, Lululemon/Iron Horse, 9:30 min/mile

I realized how difficult it is for me to do a tempo run outside. And it didn’t help that this was a long time to keep a pace around 9:20. I, instead, used the first 0.5 as a warm up and the last 0.5 as a cool down.

I ran the 0.5 before the meet-up happened which equaled a nice loop around the block. Then I headed out with the group and did the 5.0 on my own before cooling down for the 0.5. Overall I give this run a meehhh.

Wednesday – Workout A  Rest 

I don’t know what happened here. Oh, I had my test and stayed up studying. Boo.

Thursday – Intervals  Workout A and Core

Only a few more workouts in stage 1 of my lifting plan. Today I upped weight and lowered reps which felt awesome.  It was nice to be at the gym early, since I knew I would not be able to get there in the evening because of a Cell Biology exam.

I got back super late from my students’ graduation and decided to sleep in. As a result, Friday was a wash.

 Friday – Rest

Saturday – 4.0 miles, Lafayette Moraga Trail, 10:00 min/mile

I wanted to redeem the scratched intervals from Thursday, but then realized that doing that with my long run the next day probably wasn’t the best idea. Instead, I decided to do an easy out and back along the trail.

Sunday – 10.0 miles, Lafayette Moraga Trail, 10:24 min/mile

I am having the opposite effect that I usually have for long runs. In the past, I used to feel great on the first few miles and then fade out for the middle few, then gather a bit of momentum for the last few miles. Now, I have SUCH a hard time starting things off and loosening up. Around mile 3-4 is where I actually start to feel good, but the price I pay for my beginning pace can mentally get to me for the rest of the run. (::help!::) The benefit of knowing this is applying it to the actual half with a more extensive warm-up so that those first few miles aren’t a loss.

Total Miles: 20

Strength Training: 1x (eeek!)

I don’t have much to say about this week. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed with my lack of commitment to my schedule this week and the shuffling around. I’ll view this as a cut-back week and using the next few weeks to bring up the intensity before a short taper for race week.

Week 8 Preview:

  • Q1: 3 x [2 x 1200]
  • Q2: 5 miles @ mid-tempo
  • Q3: 14 miles @ HMP + 30 sec/mile


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One Response to Week 7: San Francisco Half Marathon

  1. Beth says:

    As my long runs started being more frequent I definitely noticed that the first few miles felt dreadful, and things didn’t really settle in until mile 4 or so. I try to listen to a podcast for the first few miles of my run because it distracts me from my pace or how hard things feel. Usually after a 30min podcast things have loosened up and I’m ready to roll. I always try reminding myself that I’ll feel better once I get into the run, but it can be hard to believe when things feel crappy at 0.5 miles (been there!). Still, getting faster as you tick of the miles and finishing strong will come in handy on race day!

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