Keeping the end in mind

I admit that I like to see results right away. Who doesn’t? I work hard and the next day I want to see that change. Sometimes that’s what fuels me to move to continue that hard work.

However, recently, I’ve been exposed to more instances of delayed gratification and keeping the end result in mind than seeing the benefits right away. It can be overwhelming.

I can attribute this mentality to many things, but I cannot help but see this as a result of what my lifestyle looked like as being a teacher. With a consistent time crunch, it became habit to go for the route that was less time consuming rather than the one that would give lasting benefit. Yes, I got the job done, but I rarely took the time to invest in something longer whose benefits would appear months down the road.

I can think of a few current instances where I’ve been forced to really plan out what I TRULY want and how to get there. Instead, of seeking some quick fix, I’ve had to dig deep to identify what it is that I want. And that is hard!! Who wants to spend so much time working towards something, only to realize at the end that it really wasn’t what you wanted OR that what you were doing was inefficient??

This can be applied to so many circumstances in your life. For me, I’ve been hit hard with it in my career.

Since January, I’ve executed a long to-do list for applying to graduate school. I admit that I was so overwhelmed by the laundry list of things that needed to be accomplished in order to get where I needed to go. It was like setting up a training plan that lasted a year!

It is July.

So much has changed. I think about the hesitant person in December plugging away at the daily routine I had found myself in and how upset I was.

I have THREE more weeks to this madness before things settle down (slightly). I can do it. I’ve kept the end result at the forefront of my mind and I just need to stick with it.

Working at my new job has REFOCUSED me tremendously and everyone has been incredibly supportive.

I apologize for the disruption of posting until my GREs are done 🙂

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