Running makes me look crazy

…let me count the ways.

I’ve realized that in living with two people who aren’t fellow runners that the things I do look certifiably insane to them. I knew this existed when living alone, but it was easier to ignore. My students, along with others, point things out too.

Student: “What is that on your desk?”

Me: “A foam roller, of course.”

Roommate: “Kerry, are you hiding a small dog in your room?”

Me: “No, my petco balls are for massaging my muscles.”

Roommate: “Aren’t those socks for older people who have bad circulation?”

Me: “Yes, and for runners.”

Roommate: “Kerry, why are you taking a picture at the gym?”

Me: “For the blog.”

Me: “Let me show you how to use the dog toys.”

Roommate #1: “Why did you bring ice home?” [10 minutes later…]

Roommate #2: “Kerry, you are sitting in ice.”

Roommate: “Kerry, that looked like it hurts.”

Me: “A little, but it feels better after the sports med massage.”

Roommate: “Why are you running in the relay?”

Me: “For donuts”

[Disclaimer: will run for donuts. and ramen. and pretty much any type of sweet or salty food. ]

Roommate: “Where did you get the waterbottle?”

Me: “At lululemon. I got it for running 50 miles with them.”

Roommate: “I would have just bought it.”

Me: “I get a shirt at 100 miles.”

Roommate: “Who did you run with today? Lululemon? Running group? Maddy?”

Me: “Friends from the blog, internet, and twitter…” [ i ❤ them all]

My roommates are great for putting up with me. There are many more. I will post more in a series.

Tell me: What do you do that makes you look a little “off” to others, but is acceptable to the running community?

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2 Responses to Running makes me look crazy

  1. Speaking of looking crazy, I’ve been icing my upper thigh at work twice a week. Yeah. Maybe I should work on that whole “professionalism” thing… oh and GU packets regularly seem to appear in my purse.

  2. Beth says:

    too funny and so true! I keep an ice pack at work so I can ice my knee. And I have stellar racerback tanlines, bike shorts tanlines, and knee tape tanlines. I gave up on normal a long time ago 🙂

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