Week 11: San Francisco Half Marathon

Monday – Strength Training

Last week I wrote a post about trying to incorporate more balance into my routine. I realized the current routine I found myself in was just building each week on either weights or repetitions – and for some that is where they are at – but for me, there are a couple key muscle imbalances in which trying to lift heavier weights might prove more harmful then good.

So I scaled back and am breaking up my strength training to be about half core/stability/flexibility and the other half resistance training. Monday was my first go at it! I am going to save the details of that workout for the future post I have in mind.

Tuesday – 7.0 tempo run, 9:17 min/mile

I had planned a 1 easy, 2 tempo, 1 easy, 2 tempo, 1 easy workout. I went to the gym after work and executed it on the treadmill! I dialed in and just punched in numbers, and for after a day of work this was the best way for me to get the workout in. I increased the pace for the tempo to a slightly faster pace than I would aim for on the road since we know the treadmill is easier. My easy was 10 min/mile and the tempo was at a 8:57 min/mile. I am pretty proud of the workout.

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Strength Training

Friday – 1 mile warm up, 3 x 2000 m, 400 RI, 1 mile cool down, ~ 6 mile 9:50 min/mile pace

I also went to the treadmill for this interval workout. This one was tough! My intervals were at 8:30 min/mile and although I tried my best to space out my key workouts, I could feel a little bit of Tuesday in my legs. Either way, I got it done and revealed in the fact that 2 of the 3 key workouts for the week went pretty well.

Saturday – Strength Training

Sunday – 10 mile, Point Isabel, 10:12 min/mile

I met up with my running group and it was the first Sunday in a while where I was free to meet with them! I was accompanied by another woman  for the first 5 miles and we finished those at 10 min/mile, then heading back we hit the wind and my pace slowed a bit. The plan called for 20 sec slower than anticipated half marathon pace.

In an ideal world, I would have that calculated. But since I haven’t raced in over a year, I am using an older race time so I am unsure as to what my body will end up doing come San Francisco Half. So far, I feel healthy and ready for the race and there are still a few weeks left!!

Total miles: 23

Strength training : 3x

Week 12 Preview

  • Q1: 5 miles @ mid-tempo
  • Q2: 2 x 3200, 400 RI
  • Q3: 12 miles @ HMP + 20 seconds
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One Response to Week 11: San Francisco Half Marathon

  1. Deborah says:

    You are inspiring me to run again! I am cheering for you and your 1/2 marathon!

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