Friday Favorites

1. A 3 day weekend! AMEN.

2. Kayaking

The last time I went Kayaking was a year ago at Tamales Bay! Now, a friend and I got a Groupon earlier in the year to Half Moon Bay!

3. New York in a week

I have not been to New York since Christmas, so when I was there last it was piled with snow as I waved goodbye and headed back to sunny California.

4. Graduate School Applications for Physical Therapy 

Why a favorite?? Despite the drudge work that is applying, it is what I have worked so hard for the past few months. Now is my time to brag and pull it all together! September has been deemed “Application” month for me since many of the deadlines for my top schools are somewhere in October! Part of this weekend is dedicated to them.

5. Running

There are a couple trails that have been recommended to me in Marin and I have yet to be able to get to them. We all know that a good motivation for getting out there again is to find a new route!! I hope to light the running fire again this weekend since I have been MIA from that for the past month. (If anyone is local, any recommendations?)

and last but not least…6. BOOTCAMP! 

BIG news here 🙂 By the divine works of something bigger than me, a job opportunity with a local bootcamp fell into my lap. My roommates friend has been attending a bootcamp for three years and knew I had just gotten my personal training certification. She mentioned to the instructor that and he said they were expanding. I showed up to bootcamp the next morning with her and well, the rest is history!

I will be able to workout with them, be trained as an instructor, and then assume some classes to instruct gradually! They understand that I have a full time job and want to accommodate that. I attended the workouts for the week and I am loving them.

More to come on that front 🙂


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1 Response to Friday Favorites

  1. Roni says:

    Hey Kerry!
    Your mom gave me this site. Impressed with your blog and you. Wow! A trainer, ar a bootcamp no less. Go Kerry!

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