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How I’ve developed confidence: sticking with it

I wrote a post earlier this year about developing confidence. I focused that blog post on how I’ve developed confidence while teaching. There are many, many places that in my life I’ve experienced situations where I have walked away with … Continue reading

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I hope you didn’t laugh too hard at my video! Within the past few weeks, I’ve had exciting news to share but have had to hold off until everything worked itself out. This summer I will be attending a Personal … Continue reading

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El fin

I am… done with my second year. Today marks the end of my 2nd year of teaching and the end of my Teach for America commitment. Although I have decided to stay in the classroom in the fall, I cannot … Continue reading

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IT, I thought I was done with you.

I am…rebounding from a bummed left IT. On Saturday after my half marathon, I could feel slight tightness and pain on my left IT. This is the opposite leg of my previous IT injury. I iced, rolled, and repeated all … Continue reading

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Don’t forget your hips

I am …reincorporating yoga back into my life. On facebook there is a “suggest a friend” (or something like that) application and a friend of mine “suggested” a local yoga teacher for us to be friends. How cute. She said … Continue reading

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May: Month of Mental toughness

I am …done with you, May. I am pushing off my usual friday post to talk about May. In all honesty I want to forget about May, but since I have a half marathon tomorrow morning I needed to bring … Continue reading

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Filled with optimism

I am…filled with optimism. A few weeks before I decided to begin a blog, I took time to write to myself my goals. Some of them are quantitative while some are qualitative. I think in reading my goals, you will … Continue reading

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I am…a mid-westener at heart. Student: “Ms. say that word again?” Me: “What word?” Student: “The word where we could hear an accent.” I get this a lot from my students. They wonder where the heck I am from because … Continue reading

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