Soon to be commute-less

For the past few weeks I tried to weight the pro’s and con’s of moving, but what I couldn’t get passed despite some con’s was the cost that the commute was having on me emotionally, physically, and monetarily.

For those who are new readers or missed a previous post about my job, I now work at a Physical Therapy office about 35 miles from my house in Marin County [currently live in Oakland]. I am an aide and landing this job has been one of the blessings when applying for Physical Therapy school in the fall.

Although I will not be going to school until 2012, the thought of continuing this commute completely drained me and went against the idea of a year of decompression after teaching. I was hoping to use the time previously spent on stressing, planning, and grading for school into something well…not student related.

I am aware of how busy my life has become and the idea of continually losing time due to the commute made me sad 😦 Gas and tolls had reached a new level and it was time to look for some alternates.

I did some searching and some exploring all along Marin County. What I realized was how much I appreciated my 10 minute commute to work when I was teaching. I found a weekday routine that worked for me and it made things great.

So, I decided to move close to work and will be living not too far away! Better yet, the gym where I’ve been taking my Apprentice Personal Training class is in the same town and has made job offers for when we get our certification [For me that will be in a few short weeks!!] and free membership. Double win!

I always ask those who are from the area to tell me running routes! I have accumulated a handful of places to run in Marin, including a trail that runs right along where I live. How convenient!

No worries for my Bay Area running buddies! I am still close, just closer to work. Plus, it might be fun to try out some of the Marin scene someday 😉

Did you ever have to move for a job? Best and worst commute situation?

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6 Responses to Soon to be commute-less

  1. Jana Carter says:

    Worst commute: 2 weeks in CA, 2 weeks in WA. Every 3rd week, I flew to Seattle and spent two weeks there, then flew back home…wash, rinse, repeat. It got taxing after awhile. I felt like I as living out of a suitcase. I guess the best commute is that I now work from home (although it is super lonely, so it isn’t all roses)!

  2. It’s always a tough call. I kind of went the opposite direction — started off with a 12 minute commute from Belmont to Redwood City, then moved to San Francisco & did a 30 mile commute for 3 years. Eventually I was faced with the same decision, but I ended up quitting my job, which I think probably speaks to the fact that I kind of knew it wasn’t the right job for me anymore at that point. It’s fantastic that you are happy & satisfied enough with your job that you’re willing to move for it!

  3. amandasvids says:

    I used to commute 45 minutes to work and it DOES take a lot out of you. Besides the dent in the wallet due to gas, it was so exhausting to get done with a long day at work only to have to sit in your car for another 45 minutes. 😦 Yuck!
    So happy that you are closer to your job now….And a free gym membership?! Sweeet!

  4. Cate says:

    For the district I subbed in (and then taught summer school) 2 years ago, my commute was about 40 minutes each way. Fortunately it wasn’t stop and go traffic, but it still got really old.
    Now I live exactly 1 mile from work…MUCH better!

  5. Beth says:

    While I’m sad you won’t be in Oakland anymore, I’m a huge fan of the short commute decision. Over time I’ve brought my commute down from 90min, to 30min, to now a 1.5 mile bike ride. It makes a huge difference in your day when you aren’t burning all that time in the car! Good luck with the move and everything, and let me know if you need a hand. Carrying heavy boxes = strength training, right? 🙂

  6. You are getting wiser by the day Kerry. “Must be because you are approaching another birthday! Go for it! – Coach Stephanie

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