August in review

July ended in a little something like this…

San Francisco Half Marathon!

August began with a little something like this…

Celebrations of major life changes

then I cleaned up my eats. 🙂
Saw this view…

And decided to move closer to work…

I’m not in Oakland anymore…

Thanks to Aron for helping me out on Saturday and some good friends on Sunday!!

In between moving, I celebrated my birthday…

at work

and at Greens in Fort Mason

But, I didn’t go overboard partying it up, because I still had my Personal Training Exam two days later which went a little something like this…


With the move, I have a few new roommates including this girl!

I had a cat for 18 years, so this is so a pleasant welcome.

So yes, there was no running in August. But I do not fear the beginning of training because it ends with a bit of this with one of my best friends, running buddies from the Bay, and parents flying in from New York all in Vegas in December!

I apologize for the interrupted blogging! Life was (and still is) in transition which made it difficult to create time to blog 🙂 

Oh, and I am flying to New York next week to take part in this (and visit family)…

I am getting my Running Coach certification!

Since I dumped that all on you, tell me how you are doing! What is something exciting that you did in August?

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2 Responses to August in review

  1. Congratulations on all that! It sounds like it was a really productive month. 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    August is a good month for transitions! Last August saw me quitting my job, moving across the country, finding an apartment, finding a new job, and just trying to settle in 3000 miles away. Good to “hear” from you. Hope everything settles in soon!

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