The best intentions

When I began my week, I had the best intentions for completing my planned workouts. Then life happened – the busy week, commute, and other obligations stepped in the way.

After a few failed snoozed attempts at waking up early, I tried salvaging the workout week with heading to the gym after work. Nonetheless, my workouts were (semi) completed, but with little enthusiasm.

The training plan called for 5 miles @ a mid-tempo. When I arrived at the gym on Tuesday, I was so tired that I wanted to leave after arriving. Instead of walking out the door, I compromised and settled with a 4 mile relaxed effort. Was it a tempo? Hardly.

I had a difficult time not getting down on myself, but after I let it go I had a great interval routine on Thursday and a long run on Sunday where I got to have coffee and catch up with Aron afterwards!

But, am I alone in hitting a week where workouts are a drag? Probably not.

In a perfect world, we get to bed at a reasonable time, wake up ready to go, or get out of work with a spring in our step ready to run. Notice, in a perfect world. The difference is how one deals with the short amount of time for planned runs when some other priorities take away from the training.

And what I’ve realized is that it is “Ok” to admit that a run might not get into your schedule and that you might have to edit what you planned to do. Instead, work into your schedule what you are able to do.

And what I’ve realized is that the next day is a new one and you can try again. There is no purpose in believing that a busy day negates months of training.


I apologize for the abbreviated write-up for the week

Monday  – Strength Training

Tuesday – 4 miles easy

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 2 x 3200

Friday – Argh…rest

Saturday  – Strength Training

Sunday – 12 mile run

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1 Response to The best intentions

  1. EXACT same thing happened to me this week. I was supposed to run tuesday, wednesday, thursday, saturday, but it turned into a complete disaster of a work week and i only ran 4 miles wed, 1 mile (!) thursday (i had a few minutes at the gym) and six friday, and then cut my long run sunday. it was really depressing but I have to remember that life happens, SFM is for fun, and I can get back on track soon.

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