Reading for pleasure

I always wish I could sit down for hours and just tear through a book. Since teaching began, it became really difficult to sit down and take the time to read. However, over the past few years,  I have come across a few books that have been able to hold my attention and I get excited when I can recommend books to others.

I know I do not always have a lot of time. But, during the next year I’d like to read more. Don’t we all? I have a lot of books on my shelf that I would like to be reacquainted with or meet for the first time.

Do we miss our summer reading lists?

As an adult, I have a few *new* books on my current summer reading lists that will continue beyond the summer.

I also have reading ADD – If I find a duller part in a book, then it is hard for me to progress. However, I want to finish these especially since I cannot remember why I stopped reading them in the first place! 

Along with finishing my half started:

  • Flying Troutmans
  • The Bluest Eye
  • Catch – 22
  • East of Eden

Ok, your turn. What is on your summer reading list that should also be on mine? (I am BIG of recommendations. All of these books were suggested by close friends, given as gifts, or book club items!)

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11 Responses to Reading for pleasure

  1. The Help
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    The Glass Castle
    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (and the other 2 in the series)

    Happy Reading 🙂

  2. 2blu2btru says:

    I am reading Water for Elephants right now. To be read, I have: The Help, What Frenchwomen Know About Love, Sex, and Relationships (or something like that), Passion and Purity, a ton of other really good books that are littering every available surface but I never can quite get to…and whatever I pick up from the bookstore. 😀

    • Water for Elephants was in my hand when I was walking around Barnes and Noble the other night. I chose The Art of Racing in the Rain because that is originally what I went in for, but that is definitely on my “need to get a hold of” list.

  3. Love this! I am the same as you! So ADD with books. I have a huge stack that I have started and need to finish (I posted about this two days ago). I really want to stick with something and finish! What is HOw to Bake a Perfect Life About?

    • I purposely didn’t write a section about books that I am interested in purchasing. I want to focus on ones I already have and then move from there. How to Bake a Perfect Life is a book club book choice from Courtney from Pancakes and Postcards. She now lives in SF and is starting a book club, so this is our first choice. I’ll be sure to report back on it! I’d never heard of it.

  4. Born to Run is a great book! I really enjoyed it.

    I just put a hold on ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ at my library today – I’ve heard really good things about it!

    • I am excited to read Born to Run. I’ve heard great things too! I am moving through Art of Racing in the Rain so fast! I cannot wait. I love finding books that do that, ya know.

  5. I second the Water for Elephants…and Art of Racing in the Rain was one of my favorite reads this year!

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  7. I’m reading the Art of Racing in the Rain right now. Point of view of an old family dog. I’ll never look at an animal the same way again! And I LOVE through painted deserts.

    I also just finished Unbroken which was great. You’ll love Catch 22–it’s sooooo confusing for the first like two-thirds and then it comes together into this total awesomeness. I wish I could explain it better. 🙂

    HOORAY for book club. Can’t wait to meet you, as getting to Walnut Creek for a 6PM run has been a huge fail.

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