reverb10#1: one word

reverb10: one word

Prompt: Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?

Although I am a little behind on the reverb10 reflections, better late than never. Crossing paths with this website is exactly what I need as I find myself with a wealth of free time as I am on the brink of Winter Break to piece together what appears to me as a year of growth and change. But don’t we say that about every year? So it seems. In my opinion, my past two years hovered around a zone of comfort and familiarity as I tried to keep as much as I could within my realm of control since teaching lent itself to much of the unpredictable.

My one word: Foundational

My word for 2011: Leap

Here’s a secret: I love being in control of situations in my life, not others’ lives.

Damn – that obvious, eh? After two years of playing things safe, I knew this year I was in the next stage of sifting through my experiences as a new teacher, moving out here by myself, discovering who are and aren’t good support systems, strengthening those supports, seeking new ones, and developing my faith in God deeper.

The word “foundational” is what I felt was appropriate for a year filled of preparation and seeking the help I need in order to challenge myself in the next chapter of my life.

I’ve moved out of my one bedroom to move in with two random ladies who have brightened my life in more ways I can name.

I have found a young adult community at our Church (I say ‘our’ because it was through them that I began attending their church).

I have cried on the shoulders of close friends more times than I really can recall.

I have discovered the strength my body has within – on and off the running paths.

I have journeyed on God’s open roads to find the beauty in other parts of this country.

I spent my afternoons (and sometimes mornings) with students running for months as their coach.

I met and developed friendships with such powerful woman I’ve met through my blog.

And in doing these things this year, there is so much I look forward to as this new year approaches. I feel like the foundation has been laid in order for me to finish this chapter of my life and begin a new one. I defined next year as the year of “leaping” as I take some chances – large and small – when moving forward to what God’s plans are for me and my life. A leap of faith, perhaps. Whichever and whatever will be, will be.

It took a year, and is still a process, but I am beginning to be “ok” with the uncertainty of these things because of the foundation I’ve established for myself especially during this past year.


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